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Your Wales & West Housing property is yours to make a home.

We will support you to sustain your occupancy and live in your home for as long as you want to. In turn you are expected to look after your home. Whether it is keeping up to date with rent payments, reporting maintenance issues or requesting changes to your occupation contract, you can manage it all simply online. 

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Making changes to your occupation contract

You need to ask us in writing if you want to make changes to your home or your Occupation Contract. This includes:

  • Having a pet
  • Having someone else move into your home
  • Making DIY improvements such as painting the exterior of your home or building a shed

Please complete this form to request consent to make a change or contact your Housing Officer for more information.


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Small dog looks to camera standing next to a 'Home Sweet Home' celebration card
Small dog looks to camera standing next to a 'Home Sweet Home' celebration card

Myths around condensation

You may have noticed, from time to time, drops of water forming and sometimes running down your windows. This is condensation. It happens when moisture in the air in your home meets a cold surface such as windows and walls. Normally the air in our homes is moist, but cooking, bathing, and showering and even breathing can add to the moisture. This isn’t necessarily a problem if it clears up quickly, but if left, over time, it can lead to mould growth.

Which appliance eats the most energy in your home?

As gas, oil and electricity prices continue to rocket, being efficient with our use of energy has never been more important. Choosing the most energy efficient household appliances can help you save energy – and money – on bills. Here, we find out which are the biggest users of electricity in the home, according to the Energy Saving Trust and offer some tips on how to use them as efficiently as possible.

Cold weather advice

Cold weather is part of normal seasonal weather every year, and it’s important to look after yourself and your home when it strikes.

There are some simple steps you can take to keep yourself warm and make sure your home is protected against the worst of the winter weather.

Remember to always call us in an emergency on 0800 052 2526.

kennel outline

Responsible pet ownership

As a landlord we believe that responsible pet ownership is important, both for the safety of residents and staff and for the wellbeing of animals.
After February 1 2024, it also became illegal to own an XL bully without an exemption certificate.