Myths around condensation 

You may have noticed, from time to time, drops of water forming and sometimes running down your windows. This is condensation.
It happens when moisture in the air in your home meets a cold surface such as windows and walls.
Normally the air in our homes is moist, but cooking, bathing, and showering and even breathing can add to the moisture.
This isn’t necessarily a problem if it clears up quickly, but if left, over time, it can lead to mould growth

How to avoid condensation building up
Don’t turn your heating off
Try and keep your heating on a constant low heat. This is better than having temperatures in your home swinging between hot and cold.

Reduce the amount of moisture in the air  
When cooking keep lids on pans and use your cooker hood or extractor fan, if you have one. If you don’t have a fan in your kitchen, open windows when cooking or washing up.
If you’re having a bath, shower or washing turn on the fan in your bathroom or open a window, if you have one.
Check your kitchen appliances are working properly and not leaking water.

Avoid drying clothes on indoors  

Dry clothes outside when possible, and if you use a tumble dryer, making sure it’s vented to the outside.

Increase the ventilation in your home

  • Open windows where possible when you’re at home or leave window vents open, if you have them fitted.
  • Open your bedroom window for 15 minutes each morning.
  • Ventilate rooms regularly and leave doors open to allow air to circulate, unless you’re cooking or showering.
  • Don’t block off any other vents in your home.
  • Make sure air can circulate by leaving gaps between furniture and the wall.

Check for leaks  
If water is getting in through leaking roofs, blocked or damaged gutters or leaks in your bathroom report to our repairs team by calling 0800 052 2526 (8am-6pm Monday to Friday) or online

Clearing condensation 
If you notice condensation on your windows or walls, clear it regularly so it doesn’t cause damage or develop into mould.
Wipe walls using a towel, tissues, or use a squeegee for windows.

What to do if you have mould growing  
Clean it off straight away to minimise any health risk, but you also need to fix the underlying condensation problem and improve ventilation to stop it coming back. For more advice on how to clean mould safely visit our repairs section 

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