The laws around XL Bully dogs


New laws for the ownership of XL Bully bogs came into force on 31 December 2023, making it illegal to buy, breed, sell or give away these dogs or to take them outside without a muzzle.

After February 1 2024, it also became illegal to own an XL bully without an exemption certificate.

As a landlord we believe that responsible pet ownership is important, both for the safety of residents and staff and for the wellbeing of animals.

Under the terms of your contract, all residents must request consent to keep a pet. Permission will not be given for any breed of dog covered by the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, which will now include the XL Bully.

If you own such an animal and don’t have the correct exemption this may be a breach of your contract.

How to get an exemption certificate

You can find guidance on how to get a certificate from the Government website.

The Government states that to register an XL Bully, owners must hold active public liability insurance for their dog, have had their dog microchipped, and pay the application fee. Owners will also be required to provide proof that their dog has been neutered.

Muzzle training

Animal charities including the PDSA and the Dogs Trust have lots of videos and information to help owners train their XL Bullys to wear a muzzle.

Blue Cross 

Dogs Trust


Are you a concerned XL Bully owner?

If you are a resident and worried about your own XL Bully, please contact us on 0800 052 2526

How to report suspected illegal dogs

If you are concerned that there are illegal dogs in your area after February 1, call 101 and report it to the police.

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