Cold weather advice


Cold weather is part of normal seasonal weather every year, and it’s important to look after yourself and your home when it strikes.

There are some simple steps you can take to keep yourself warm and make sure your home is protected against the worst of the winter weather.

Remember to always call us in an emergency on 0800 052 2526.

Turn off any outside taps

Water in outside taps and pipes could freeze during the winter, causing damage which could lead to leaks. Before freezing weather arrives, you can turn off the water to your outside tap (if you have one).

Inside your home, usually under the sink in the kitchen, you should find a tap which supplies water to your outside tap. Turn this to the off position and then head outside, turn your outside tap on and drain any excess water.

How to care for your outside tap in winter (Redrow)

Heating gone off? Or is your home cold even with your heating on?

One cause could be a lack of hot water in your radiators which is fixed by a process called bleeding your radiator.

The problem could also be due to one of the pipes which is attached to your boiler that carries wastewater as part of the normal process for heating your home. It’s known as a condensate pipe and could get frozen during winter.

Bleeding your radiators and defrosting a frozen condensate pipe are two things you can easily do yourself at home.

If you have any problems or in an emergency, you can call us on 0800 052 2526.

How to bleed a radiator

If you find that your home is cold, and your heating is already on bleeding a radiator could help to fix it.

Radiators sometimes can go cold due to air in your central heating system. The best way to check if this is what has happened is to see if your radiator is cold at the top or bottom. Please take care when doing this.

If it is, you need to bleed your radiator. This is a simple process you can do yourself to allow hot water to begin circulating again in your heating system.

*The advice and videos below apply only if you have a gas boiler in your home. You will need to take different steps if you have an Air Source Heat Pump*

How to bleed a radiator (British Gas)

How to bleed a radiator (eon energy)

How to bleed a radiator (Vaillant)

If you have an Air Source Heat Pump in your home watch how to get hot water and heating back up and running or call us on 0800 052 2526.

In an emergency if you need to turn off your water supply completely you can do this by turning off the stop tap in your home

How to defrost a frozen condensate pipe

The condensate pipe is normally plastic and runs from your boiler to an outside drainage system. If it freezes it can stop the boiler working normally but if it is safe for you to do so you can follow these steps to defrost it.

Caring for yourself during winter

There are many things you can do to keep yourself warm, fit and healthy during cold weather. Support may also be available from the Government or within your local area.

  • Wear layers
  • Eat well. Plenty of fruit and vegetables can keep your energy levels up and illnesses away
  • Stay active. It’s easy to sit around at home when it’s so cold outside but you’ll benefit from moving around and staying active
  • Book in with your GP for any vaccinations if you’re eligible
  • See if you can get a Cold Weather Payment, Warm Home Discount or Winter Fuel Payment (if you haven’t received one automatically)

Warm Wales was set up to help alleviate fuel poverty in Wales and offer free advice and support all year.

There is also information on our Cost of Living webpage.

Staying safe in extreme cold conditions (Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board)

Winter safety (Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue)