What is the issue?

You are responsible for this. Have you tried replacing the light bulb? It’s quite a simple thing to do, if you follow these steps.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. First, make sure the light is switched off and the bulb is cool.
  2. Get a solid and safe stepladder to stand on, depending on the height of your light.
  3. Carefully remove the dead bulb by twisting in an anti-clockwise direction. If your bulb has a bayonet fixing (a small metal peg on either side), you will need to gently push up (or down) before twisting.
  4. Replace the bulb with a new one of the same type, which you can buy from any electrical or DIY shop. We recommend using a halogen, energy-saving bulb, which last longer. Cheap bulbs tend to blow out more regularly than decent quality bulbs.
  5. To check that the light is working turn it on at the switch or socket, first making sure you are not touching the bulb.
  6. Success!

In bathrooms, where the light fitting is a sealed unit, it is still your responsibility to replace the bulb. In this case, as before, wait until the bulb has cooled and use a step ladder for safe access. Either twist the whole light fitting or remove the screws to access the 2D light bulb. Once the cover is off, pull out the bulb by holding the square plastic centre. Once out just replace with a new bulb. These can be purchased from most DIY retailers and supermarkets.