What is the issue?

If your carbon monoxide alarm is sounding (rather than indicating a low power battery) and no-one present is feeling ill then turn all gas appliances off and make sure everyone in your home leaves the property.

Then call 0800 052 2526 immediately.

If anyone at your home has had exposure to low levels of carbon monoxide they may complain of the following:

  • headaches
  • confusion
  • feeling aggressive
  • nausea
  • vomiting or/and diarrhoea

Severe symptoms may include:

  • grey-blue skin colouration
  • rapid and difficulty with breathing
  • an impaired level of response, leading to unresponsiveness

If anyone at your home has these symptoms you should leave the property and seek medical advice immediately.

However, if your alarm is sounding intermittently it is likely the battery providing back up power needs replacing. To do this just pull open the cover of the alarm and replace the battery within.