What is the issue?

If you have a prepay meter, firstly check the meter has credit. Some meters will display DEBT in very small text. If there is credit on the meter it will display CR – creditor.

If the meter has no display at all, check with your neighbours if they have power as it could be a problem with the grid and you will need to contact your Distribution Network Operator (for example Scottish Power or Western Power etc) to check for any power cuts in your area.

If there are no power cuts in your area and the meter display is still blank contact your energy provider.

Some properties, such as blocks of flats or retirement schemes, have external isolators, which you can find in the meter box or meter room. Check this switch is in the ‘On’ position. If this has been turned off your property will have no power.

If everyone else in the area has electricity, you will need to check the fuse board in your home. This is usually by the front door or in a cupboard underneath your stairs. Once you’ve found it, follow these steps:

  • First, check that all the switches are in the up position. If your trip switch (this is the larger switch marked RCD -residual current device) is in the down position put all the other switches on the board down.
  • Push the trip switch (RCD) right down, then back to the up position.
  • Once you’ve done this, one-by-one push all of the other switches back into the on position and hopefully your power will be back on.
  • If the trip switch continues to switch off or “trip out” it could be something simple. Faulty kettles, toasters and washing machines are the biggest culprits. Ask yourself what you were doing when the electricity cut out. Were you making a cup of tea or piece of toast? Or had you started your washing machine or tumble drier? If that’s the case, unplug the suspect appliance and flick the trip switch back up. If it still trips, try unplugging other appliances on the circuit and resetting the trip switch.
  • If this still doesn’t work call 0800 052 2526 or fill in the form