What is the issue?

Often referred to as a ‘hidden crime’ modern slavery or human trafficking doesn’t just happen in big cities or industrial areas. It could happen to men, women and children and on any street.

Victims can be forced to work in unpleasant conditions, for little or no pay, controlled by an ’employer’, who uses abuse, or threats of abuse. They could also be treated or exploited as an object or possession.

Victims may not realise they are being exploited or may be too afraid to report what’s happening to them.

Call 999 if it is an emergency or someone is in immediate danger.

Call 101 if you suspect this is happening in your community. If you prefer to remain anonymous you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or online

Other agencies that can help
Modern Slavery Helpline 0800 012 1700 – this is free and confidential
BAWSO (an all-Wales support provider to people from Black and Ethnic Minority backgrounds) 0800 731 8147