Plas yr Ywen
one bed apartments
two bed apartments
hour on site care and support

About Plas yr Ywen, Holywell

Plas yr Ywen opened in 2021 as our second extra care scheme in Flintshire, located on the site of a former primary school.

Ancient woodland from Ysgol Perth y Terfyn has been preserved at the site in the form of a woodland walk for residents to enjoy.

The 55-apartment facility offers independent living for people aged 50+ with access to a range of facilities and 24-hour on site care and support.

Plas yr Ywen is provided in partnership with Flintshire County Council.


To be considered for an apartment at Plas yr Ywen you must be:

  • Aged 50+
  • Have a care and support need

Priority is given to people already living in Flintshire.

Booklet: Plas yr Ywen – a supportive community

General enquiries & how to apply

To find out more or make an application call 0800 052 2526 or email


Facilities at Holywell extra care scheme are similar to those in our existing schemes in Prestatyn, Mold and Newtown. These include:

  • En-suite walk-in shower rooms
  • Contemporary fully fitted kitchens (excluding white goods)
  • Assisted bathrooms
  • An on-site restaurant, serving freshly cooked meals daily
  • Lounge areas
  • A guest suite
  • Laundry facilities
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Terraces
  • Buggy store


My mother has early Alzheimer’s - can she move into extra care housing?

People with Alzheimer’s can live in extra care housing. As part of the assessment of each person all health conditions are considered to ensure their care and support needs can be met before they are accepted on to the waiting list for accommodation.

My husband is unwell – do you consider applications from couples who want to move into extra care housing together?

Yes. There are 2 bed apartments that are spacious and ideal for couples. When assessing the suitability of couples wishing to be considered for extra care housing we would look at the needs of both individuals and as a couple.

I already live in sheltered housing – how would extra care housing be different?

The main difference would be that in our extra care housing there is an on-site care and support team. This team provides services to people as agreed by their individual care and support plans.

How do you prioritise the people on the waiting list?

When a vacancy arises everyone on the waiting list will be considered. The property will be offered to whoever is deemed, at the time of the vacancy, to be in the greatest need.

Consideration will be given to any escalation of risk of a person losing their independence and/or increasing level of support needed, should they remain in their current accommodation.

What happens if my health gets worse while I am living in extra care housing?

Your needs may change over time and the level of care and support you need may fluctuate. The teams will support you to stay living in your home for as long as possible for as long as your needs can be met.

Can I buy an apartment?

No. The apartments are for rent only.

Do I have to pay for a meal if I do not want it?

Yes – the meal service is a condition of the tenancy. This is because overheads are incurred even if a person chooses not to have a meal.

Are white goods included?

No. White goods are not included.

Is the flooring included?

There is non-slip flooring in the kitchen and walk-in shower room, leaving other rooms for you to choose and provide your own flooring.

We ask that you seek advice from the facility staff before floor coverings are chosen to ensure consideration can be given to the opening and closing of doors in your apartment.

Is there gas for a cooker?

No. There is no gas to the apartments. There is provision in the kitchen for you to install an electric cooker.

Can I decorate my apartment?

Yes you can decorate your apartment. When the property is newly-built we ask that a period of 12 months is left before any decoration is undertaken to allow the building to settle.

Can I put pictures up?

Yes you can put up pictures. We ask that you seek the advice of the facility staff before this is done to ensure the correct fixings are used and consideration is given to electric cabling and water piping.

Can I have a pet?

In most cases, yes. We will establish how people care for their pet and that they understand that internal and external areas are shared before giving permission.

Can I go out when I want and can I have visitors?

Your apartment is your own home – you can go out and have visitors when you want.