New street name decided by local school pupils in Flintshire

Pupils of a Flint school have delved deep into local history to come up with a name for a new £2.8 million housing development in the town.

Romans Way was chosen by Form L3 at Ysgol Maeshyfryd who were asked by developers Anwyl Construction and Wales & West Housing to choose a name for a new street on the housing association’s development at Coed Onn Road in the town.

The class won an inter-school competition after coming up with four possible names and appropriately Romans Way was ultimately chosen as it is just a few hundred yards from where Anwyl made an important Roman find five years ago.

Now the pupils have seen the new sign delivered to the development of 23 homes, built in partnership with Flintshire County Council, which will be completed this spring and where the first families have already taken up residence.

Shayne Hembrow, Deputy Chief Executive of Wales & West Housing, said:

“It’s always a highlight of any new development to involve the local community in choosing a name.

We’re delighted that it is not only bringing much-needed affordable homes to Flint but also a permanent reminder of a creative day at school for the winning group of children.”

Flintshire County Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Bernie Attridge, said:

“It’s great to see once again the positive impact that the building of the new affordable homes in Flintshire is having on the local community.

I am sure that the pupils enjoyed learning about the history of their town and should feel immensely proud that they have named this new development.”

Veronica Breeze, a teacher at Ysgol Maeshyfryd, said:

“It was a really good project and we spent a lesson looking at the history of Flint before picking four possible names.

As well as Romans Way the pupils came up with Roderic Street, Raddington Road and Tir Digonedd, which is Welsh for plentiful land.

Roderic the Great was King of Wales in 870 and divided his land between his three sons with any dispute to be settled here on the banks of the River Dee while Raddington was the earliest name for Flint and is in William the Conqueror’s Domesday Book.

Plentiful Land was because of the lead found at Oakenholt, the coal mining at Coleshill and lime extraction at Bagillt which made the area prosperous.”

The Coed Onn development is the result of a partnership between Anwyl Construction, Wales & West Housing and Flintshire County Council and consists of 14 two-bedroom houses, six three-bedroomed houses and three bungalows, including one with special wheelchair access and other disabled-friendly facilities.

The homes also include ‘green’ features such as rainwater-collecting water butts and compost bins.

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