Helping to put a stop to plastic

Plastic waste is a massive problem around the world which is why we are taking steps to reduce our impact on the environment.

We’ve swapped the recyclable plastic mailing bags we previously used for to mail our In Touch magazine to residents’ homes for a new bioplastic film.

We have been working with Welsh printing business Xpedient Print Services to source the new bags as part of our commitment to the environment.

Bioplastics are an alternative to plastic and are made from renewable resources like natural and sustainable potatoes instead of crude oil. Using potato products such as potato starch and other waste from the food industry, means that the wrapping is 100% compostable and eco-friendly. You can put it in with your food waste, garden compost or in green council recycling bins. Plus it doesn’t give off harmful toxins.

This is one step in our commitment to reduce reliance on single use plastics. Some plastics can take years to decompose. They also break down into smaller pieces called ‘microplastics’ which can contaminate our soil and waterways and oceans, killing wildlife.

Anne Hinchey, Group Chief Executive of Wales & West Housing said: “Single use plastics have become a huge issue for the environment. With the World Economic Forum estimating that about 150 million tonnes of plastic is currently floating in our oceans, we all need to take steps to change.

“Some people think their single contribution won’t make much of a difference, but if every one of us makes that one change it can.”
Anne Hinchey, Group Chief Executive of Wales & West Housing

“National organisations and charities are starting to use bioplastics for their mailings and we believe we are the first housing organisation in Wales to make the change as part of our ongoing commitment to making a difference to sustainability and the environment.”

Recently Wales & West Housing was awarded the Level 2 Green Dragon Award for environmental management.

Some of our recent green initiatives include:

  • A new housing development of 14 homes that are capable of generating their own energy at Bryn Bragl, Bridgend, which is partly funded by the WG Innovative Housing Programme.
  • Using more home grown timber in our schemes for example 11 new flats at our scheme Cwrt Rhys Fynach at Rhos on Sea.
  • Routinely fitting solar panels and increased levels of insulation in our homes and installing air source heat pumps in a number of our homes.
  • Investing £35 million over the next three years to upgrade windows and doors, renew boilers and make our homes more energy efficient.


Alison Stokes 07484 911100 Alison is our PR & Marketing Officer for South & West Wales.