We produce these videos to help new and existing residents get to grips with the products and technology in their home. Models might vary in appearance to the ones displayed here, but you’ll usually find that their operation is the same. For more detailed instructions please refer to the product user manual or use the resources linked below.

How to use: Stop tap / Sure Stop

If you have a leak in your home you can easily cut the water supply using either a stop tap or a Sure Stop switch.

You can find the stop tap or switch in a cupboard, usually near the front door, stairs, or under the sink in your kitchen.

To turn off the water supply simply flick the Sure Stop switch to the off position.

This will stop the water supply to your whole house and give you time to contact our repairs team to report the problem.

If the Sure Stop switch fails you can use the stop tap to cut the water supply.

Simply turn it to the off position.

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