We produce these videos to help new and existing residents get to grips with the products and technology in their home. Models might vary in appearance to the ones displayed here, but you’ll usually find that their operation is the same. For more detailed instructions please refer to the product user manual or use the resources linked below.

How to use: Hot Water Cylinder

Your home’s hot water cylinder holds enough heated water for two full baths or several showers.

The cylinder is pre-set to work at its most efficient, heating the water to 38 degrees and making the most of the lower off-peak energy tariff.

The cylinder’s display is for maintenance and should not be switched off.

You don’t need to do anything.

Once a year we will need access to service the cylinder, so the area around it needs to be kept clear.

The water is heated by an air source heat pump, which takes air from outside to heat the water.

It’s unlikely you’ll use all the hot water at once, but if you do, it takes around three hours to heat back up and will cost more using peak energy rates.

If you have consistently cold water there may be a fault with the system and you should call us to report it.

If you need to contact a member of staff or report a repair, please call 0800 052 2526 or report a repair online.

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