Wales & West Housing Group Environmental Policy

The Wales & West Housing Group (WWHG) is made up of Wales & West Housing Association, Cambria Maintenance Services Limited, Castell Homes Limited and Enfys Developments Limited.

Wales & West Housing is one of the largest housing associations in Wales, managing more than 12,500 properties across Wales and providing homes and services to over 22,000 people.

The majority of properties are managed on a rental basis, and while the largest proportion is ‘general needs’ accommodation, approximately one third have been developed specifically for older people and people with care and support needs.

Cambria Maintenance Services (Cambria) provide repairs, maintenance and improvements to all WWH homes.

Enfys Developments Limited develops new affordable homes for the Association.

Castell Homes Limited develops mixed tenure developments, part of which provides additional affordable homes for the Association without the need for grant subsidy.

WWH is a not for profit organisation with charitable status operating throughout Wales.

Staff are located in close proximity to schemes and customers to ensure a more effective service.

WWHG employs over 600 people in locations throughout Wales.

Approximately half of WWHG staff work on site at housing schemes delivering services with the remainder working flexibly from home and from offices in Cardiff (Archway House and Wentloog), North Wales (Tŷ Draig) and West Wales (Cwrt y Llan). This policy covers all four offices.

The main environmental impacts of the Group include energy and raw material consumption, the disposal of waste, the transport of employees, operating a fleet of vehicles, the use of storage buildings and the use of building and maintenance contractors.

WWHG commits to continual environmental improvement and to the protection of the environment by complying with all relevant and voluntary environmental legislation and obligations.

The Group will:

• Prevent pollution wherever possible
• Minimise energy and water consumption
• Minimise waste generation and recycle waste materials in line with the Workplace Recycling regulations
• Educate and motivate all employees and volunteers to work in an environmentally responsible manner
• Commit to meeting Welsh Government’s new development standards in line with their ‘net zero carbon by 2050’ goal
• Liaise with contractors in an effort to reduce their environmental impacts
• Install and maintain appropriate Environmental Management Systems

This environmental policy will be subject to an annual review, will be communicated to staff and made available to all other interested parties.

Approved by:

Anne Hinchey handwritten signature


Anne Hinchey
Group Chief Executive

5 January 2024