Our performance

Our vision is to achieve strong sustainable growth to make a difference in people's lives and communities and we believe in being honest and open about our performance so that we can learn from our experience to continually improve.
We and Welsh Government, produce reports which look at how we are doing, these include:

Annual Report & Financial Statements

​This report looks back at our work and performance over the last year.
Bilingual (English then Welsh)

2016 Quarterly Reports

These infographics give key information on how we performed during 2016.
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Welsh Government Regulatory Judgement

Published in June 2018, the judgement provides residents and other stakeholders with assurance about our financial viability and how well we are performing.
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Keeping you in the picture - Quarterly Report

Included as part of the quarterly residents' magazine we publish information to keep residents updated with how we are performing as an organisation.
The infographics present the key facts about how we are performing in a clear pictorial format. Within the infographics we give the lowdown on each of our key systems or services - building and letting homes, repairs and major works, rent and neighbourhood nuisance. You are able to find out everything - from how many homes we've built, the rent we are owed to how many repairs we have completed. We also include information about how well the business performs in terms of subjects such as complaints and value for money.
There is always room for improvement and we are working hard to make our services even better. The infographics also contain a summery of the problems we are working on and the actions we have completed. Please tell us if there are other things we should also be working on.

So how well are we doing across all areas of the business?