“I feel like I am going to be happy living here.”

At our new development in Carmarthenshire, we were able to provide a secure and permanent home for a young man who was facing homelesness.  

George Law moved to his new one-bedroom flat at Maes Yr Hufenfa after the supported accommodation he shared was condemned.   

“I was technically homeless,” George explains.   

We were able to offer George a one-bedroom flat with a ground floor wet room, kitchen, living room and garden at Maes Yr Hufenfa. The development is our first affordable rented housing scheme in the Carmarthenshire town of St Clears. It features 45 houses, flats and bungalows and was built in partnership with our long-term construction partners Jones Brothers (Henllan) Ltd on the site of a former dairy 

“My previous home was in an old stone building with 10 one-room flats. The flats were cold and damp. My new flat is much warmer, and I have much  more space. “
New resident George Law

George moved in in July with the help of his family. Wales & West Housing helped him to access a Discretionary Assistance Fund (DAF) to equip his new home with essential white goods such as a cooker, microwave, saucepans, washing machine, bed and chair.

Since moving in with his pets, a cat and a Royal Python, George says he is making the place his own.   

“I feel like I am going to be happy living here.”  

Further along the street, dad Tom Carpenter says his new home has given his two young daughters the “freedom to be children again.”  

Tom was privately renting a one-bedroom flat with his two young daughters, Willow aged three and Amelia, seven.  

“The house couldn’t have come at a better time. We were all living on top of each other in a small flat. The girls slept in the bedroom, and I slept on the sofa. They were cooped up inside and had nowhere to play.”
Dad Tom Carpenter 

“The house is going to make such a difference to us. We have so much more space and our own bedrooms.” 

Alison Stokes 07484 911100 Alison is our PR & Marketing Officer for South & West Wales.