Cambria Maintenance Services

Cambria Maintenance Services Ltd was established in 2010 and now undertakes a wide range of housing maintenance works across North, Mid, South and West Wales for Wales & West Housing  (WWH). The Southern division of the company is based in Wentloog to the East of Cardiff, while its Northern base is in Ewloe, Deeside.

While wholly owned by WWH, Cambria Maintenance Services is an independent company run on a commercial basis. Being part of Wales & West Housing Group provides considerable security for the company without the need to repeatedly tender for works and risk losing contracts.

WWH, established in 1965, owns or manages more than 9,000 homes across Wales.  From small beginnings in Cardiff they have expanded to provide a range of rented and leasehold homes in cities, towns and villages.  Most of its development occurred in the late eighties and early nineties when at its peak 500 new homes were built each year. WWH takes its maintenance responsibilities very seriously and invests in excess of £12 million each year to ensure homes are improved and well maintained.

The quality of repair and maintenance services is the main way any landlord is judged by its tenants. WWH tried many different approaches to getting works done before undertaking a full review of the repairs system using “systems thinking” or “lean thinking” principles.  The results were significant bringing both considerable service improvements and cost efficiencies. Cambria provides a mechanism to achieve further efficiencies while not compromising on quality and customer focus.


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The scope of services Cambria  provides

There’s a saying ‘mighty oaks from little acorns grow’ and this is true of Cambria.

Organisations owning and managing residential property require a wide range of works and services and ultimately Cambria will look to meet those needs where it can. 

Cambria is ambitious for the future but also recognises where its strength lies – understanding the needs of its customers and delivering excellent levels of service.

Cambria’s focus is on the delivery of a high quality responsive repairs service to the residents of WWH and their clients including Hafan Cymru and Slocombe Cottages. The works include day to day repairs, empty property repairs and emergency call-outs outside of office hours.

In addition, WWH wants a number of kitchen and bathroom renewals undertaken each year and will require other items of major works to be done from time to time, such as roof renewals. Cambria Maintenance Services will also undertake all of these types of work.


The way it works

Cambria Maintenance Services is a commercial building company.  It gains considerable strength from being owned by WWH with its financial stability and security, but Cambria does need to be profitable in its own right. 
Not all commercial companies work in the same way. Some may talk about their aims, mission and values, but often have only one motive and that is to maximise profit for shareholders.  While Cambria will make a profit, its objectives will also include customer service, value for money and supporting communities though apprenticeships, for example. 
First impressions are always important. How the company treats its customers, suppliers, staff and clients will influence what they think of the company and the reputation it develops.  
The following are Cambria’s values; they describe what is important to the company and how it and its staff will behave.

In common with the parent company, WWH, Cambria will adopt an approach which will ensure that the company delivers value for residents and eliminates waste and inefficiency from its operating systems.