Making a Difference Grants

Our mission is to make a difference to people’s lives, homes and communities. We have a passion to see our mission be more than just words and to translate them into reality on a real and personal basis.

To this end we have allocated resources to enable us to ‘put our money where our mouth is’. As a starting point we have two grants to help groups of residents make a difference.

We are also working with our partners and contractors/suppliers to ensure that they buy into our vision and passion as well. We are encouraging them to provide labour, materials (as well as money!) to help make a difference.

Making a difference is not just about providing financial help. We will help you apply for a grant and support you all along the way.​

Making a Difference to your Community

​A grant to help groups of residents organise community activities
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Making a Difference to your Environment

​​A grant to help groups of residents improve their environment and carry our gardening projects
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