Neighbourhoods that work

At Wales & West Housing we always try to deliver the services that residents want. So how do we know what you want? And how do we know if we're getting it right? Well, we ask you.

We've been looking at how we respond when you make complaints about other residents causing nuisance to you or others.

We understand that our role is to:

  • Understand what you want us to do
  • Be clear what we can do to resolve the issue or what we can do to make it more bearable.

We believe that your views are the best test to prove if we're getting it right, so we listened to the calls that were made to our customer service centre and we also looked at the comments you made in the most recent Resident Satisfaction Survey. And we looked at the comments and scores out of 10 from residents who had experienced the service first hand.


Pictured is Jane Styles from Connahs Quay - one example of a

 neighbourhood that is successfully working together



New Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) reporting system

We have redesigned our system and the way we deal with reports of nuisance and anti-social behaviour to provide a quicker response to your initial complaint. We put the emphasis of our investigation into looking at the underlying reasons behind the incident/s, which will hopefully provide a longer lasting resolution.
We've also changed the way we record reports of anti-social behaviour on our computer system because it was delaying Housing Officers in speaking to you and then dealing with the issue- something which we could tell was frustrating for you.  We now try to put you through to your Housing Officer straight away, so that you can discuss the issue with them as early as possible in the process.
Through listening to what you have been saying to us, we've redesigned our system with 'what matters' to you at its core. We know that you want:
  • to speak to the right person
  • to receive a speedy response
  • for us to do the right thing for you in your circumstances
  • to be kept informed of your complaint as it is investigated
  • to feel and be safe in your home and where you live
  • us to stop the nuisance happening again
We will be trying to do these things whenever we investigate a case of anti-social behaviour. To help us to do this successfully, it's important for us that:
  • we understand what you want us to do
  • you play as big a part as you can in resolving the issue
  • you know if we can resolve the issue or what can be done to make it more bearable
We're going to treat every incident on its own meritsan individual basis and your Housing Officers will make a reasonable decision about how to proceed with any complaints of nuisance or anti-social behaviour when they speak to you at the beginning of the process.
Where we can resolve issues, we will. If we can't help in the situation or can't fully resolve it, we will make this clear rather than build up your expectations unnecessarily.
We might ask you to contribute to the resolution of the problem, perhaps by ringing the police or speaking to someone that may be involved, but we won't ask you to do anything that you are not capable of doing.
In this way, we hope to build up your confidence and knowledge of how to resolve issues for yourselves or as a community, because experience tells us that where this happens solutions are long-lasting, which is what we want.

If you have recently received our assistance in dealing with a problem of nuisance or anti-social behaviour and if you have a comment or suggestion about how we can improve our services, then we would like to hear from you. Please tell us your views:


We have two policies for tackling nuisance and anti-social behaviour: