Benefit changes

The 'Bedroom Tax', you and your home

​The Government has introduced new size criteria for housing benefit claims in social housing, commonly known as 'the Bedroom Tax'..


The Benefit Cap - what it is and what it means for you

​The Welfare Reform Act gave the Government the power to cap the total benefits to which a single person or a couple is entitled.     

Disability Living Allowance

​The Government is replacing the Disablity Living Allowance benefit with a new benefit called 'Personal Independence Payment'

Universal Credit

​Universal Credit is the Government's new system that combines multiple benefits into one monthly payment.               


Council Tax benefit update

​In January 2013 the Welsh Government agreed to fund the shortfall in Council Tax Benefit until March 2014.                        

What we can do to help

​Our Tenancy Support Officers are assisting residents who are struggling to afford the shortfall caused by recent changes to their benefits.
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Simple ways to help yourself


Are you sure you are receiving the correct amount of benefit to which you are entitled? Did you know that every year billions of pounds worth of benefits go unclaimed because people don’t realise they are entitled to them?
Confused? Don't worry as there are some simple and easy ways you can find out more information. We've put some of them below.
First off, why not spend 5 minutes using the benefit calculator at or contact them on 0808 802 2000 to make sure you are not one of those missing out. Turn2us are a charity which helps people access the money available to them - through welfare benefits, grants and other help. They have recently produced a great website highlighting all of the changes to the benefit system.
Or you could visit Your Benefits Are Changing. This website, run by Community Housing Cymru, offers plenty of useful information to help you negotiate the changes to the welfare benefits system.
And don't worry if you are not online. You can also call 0300 303 1073, or text 'change' to 80018 and an advisor will call you back.